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Cercle de Réflexion des Nations

for a Universal Declaration of the Duties of Man

(Inspired by the Universal Declaration of Human Rights adopted by the UN in 1948 article by article)


Whereas the Universal Declaration of Human Rights adopted by the General Assembly of the United Nations on 10 December 1948 (Resolution 217A -III) had allowed  a significant  progress of mankind on dignity , freedom and democracy althrough the human duties have not been clearly defined,

Whereas the Universal Declaration of Human Rights evokes the principle of "duties towards the human community" (Article 29 al. 1), confirming on 16 December 1966 in the preambles of two International Covenants of the United Nations on civil and political rights, on  economic, social and cultural rights (2200-XXI Resolutions),


Whereas the rights and duties of man appear together in the Charter of the Organization of African Union (OAU) on 27 June 1981,  in the American Declaration of the Rights and Duties of 1948, in the constitutions of many States , as well as in certain resolutions and recommendations of the Assembly General of the United  Nations since its creation,


Whereas the human rights and duties, which is above the rights, are linked and inseparable


Whereas after the global financial crisis unpredictable in 2008, the world nowadays has to cope with new threats not only with the rise of extremism and the outbrust of international terrorism but also with the dramatic destruction of the planet that jeopardizes the human life on earth. Hiding  in reality a profound crisis of human behavior that  fails to the rights and also to the fundamental duties  because  no behavior  patterns are well defined yet ,


The General Assembly of the United Nations proclaims this Universal Declaration of Human Duties as a common standard of achievement for all peoples and all nations, to the end that every individual and every organ of society, keeping this declaration constantly in mind, shall strive by teaching and education to promote respect for these obligations , by progressive measures, national and international to secure the  recognition and universal application and effectiveness, both among the peoples of Member States themselves and among the peoples of territories under their jurisdiction.


 Article 1

 Human beings has the same mutual duties arising from a spirit of brotherhood, from  their belongings to one human family. This spirit  must  animate and guide all human relationships.


Article 2

 Everyone is bound by the same duties set forth in this declaration without distinction.


Article 3

 1- Everyone has the duty to respect the life of others and avoid infringing, threatening their lives directly or indirectly, especially the survival of man on earth.

2- Earth is the first world heritage of humanity ; protect the earth is the first duty of all people. Each person shall take care of "Mother Earth Nurturing", the only shelter of man.

3- No one shall hamper the freedom and safety of others by arbitrary decisions or abuse of power. Integrity shall conduct all human relationships.


Article 4

 Slavery in any forms shall be banned, as well as the domination by force to deprive of the freedom and human dignity.


Article 5

 Everyone shall reject the violence in human relations and avoid causing any  physical or emotional  damages to others for any reasons.


Article 6

 No one shall question the legal status of others  which  is their  profound  identities, their commitments to a country, a culture and  belief  that  make the basic characteristics of each individual.


Article 7

 No one is above the law but everyone is equal before the law. Everyone has the duty to respect and submit the law, not to impose it on others or use an unlawfull discrimination since he has certain power.


Article 8


No one shall obstruct the execution of justice , independence  and equality.


Article 9


Everyone has the duty to respect the freedom of others, which is the guarantee of his own one, and  not to use any coercions to limit  or take away that freedom.


Article 10


Any trial must be just, public  and fair. It  shall be based on legal documents, legal effect and  be provided by an independent  judicial  institute.


Article 11


1- Anyone, regardless of the criminal offence , shall be presumed innocent until proved guilty according to law.

2-  Shall not reply on the retroactive law or documents to convict.


Article 12


Everyone shall respect the privacy , intimacy  and honour of others.


Article 13


No one may be deprived of the freedom to come and go and settle in another country or be forced to leave without legitimate reasons.


Article 14


All acts of corporal or mental persecution shall be prohibited. Everyone has the rights to seek asylum in another country because people desire to live in peace.


Article 15


No one shall  be deprived of his nationality or his desire to change  because  it reflects the soul of a people in which he is an element.


Article 16


Desiring to marry freely and to found a family is the foundation of any human society. No one shall obstruct  it by force and men and women shall be equal in all fields.


Article 17


Everyone shall respect the property of others and the arbitrary confiscation is a theft.


Article 18


No one is allowed to impose by force the thought and faith on others  because it is their freedom of choice.


Article 19


Freedom of opinion and expression is the particular brand of each individual to be able to exchange with others. This diversity is the richess of humanity  and the greatness of nations.


Article 20


Freedom of peaceful assembly shall not be restricted or hampered if it takes place within a legal framework.


Article 21


1- No one shall prevent others  from directing , representing their country, accessing to public service if they meet the legal requirements, or shall question on their freedom of secret vote on the basis of free and fair elections.

2. Universal suffrage is the method of electoral system that shall  be applied in each country to express the will of the people. The voices of ethic community shall  be heard.


Article 22


Permanent solidarity and effectiveness shall inspire  the relationships between men, including the sharing and support for the poor and unfortunate people.


Article 23


No one shall be deprived  of the work that he deserves or discriminated him at work. That is a manifestation  of  human creative  forces , through this he contributes to the human works.


Article 24


Everyone who works shall have a necessary rest periods to bring effectiveness  and to develop as a human beings. Any practice of abuse must be condemned.


Article 25


Ignorance, major disaster of humanity, is the main source of conflict  between man, causing the misfortune of the people.  Everyone shall have an access to education and training according to his capacity without any limitation in order to open, through knowledge,  the path for long-lasting peace on earth.


Article 26


Everyone shall be able to express his creativity, to protect and share it freely without restriction.


Article 27

The duty of reconciliation and forgiveness shall govern all human relationships to have an harmonious and peaceful life which is the spirit of the United Nations.

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